Governance Overview

Advising Communities is a brand of Innovating Communities; registered company no. 10186586, which is a wholly owned trading subsidiary of Advising London, charity number 1061055. Registered office: The Foundry, 17 Oval Way, London, SE11 5RR

Innovating Communities has a board of Directors consisting of Chris Sanford, who is also the Chair of Advising London, and Helen Rice who is also the Chief Executive of Advising London.

Innovating Communities

As a trading company, Innovating Communities aims to generate a surplus through trading and enterprise beyond the primary purpose of the charity which controls it (Advising London). All of these profits will then be gifted back to Advising London to be reinvested in their charitable work.

Innovating Communities was constituted in May 2016 and will produce a set of annual accounts in line with company law as and when they are due. The first set of accounts will be submitted to Companies House within the period specified by Companies House and published on the Advising Communities website shortly afterwards.

Advising London

Advising London manages the operations of the Advising Communities brand while the delivery of services is carried out by a team of Associates who joined us from Community Matters after it closed.

Advising London is the organisation which helps individuals to understand, pre-empt and resolve critical problems in their lives through expert legal advice, which is free to those unable to pay.

The Advising London vision is that people are happy, confident and capable of solving life’s problems and planning a better future. Our mission is to advise, support and educate people to solve practical problems for themselves and in their communities.

In delivering this mission Advising London aims to live these values:

  • Human – people have unique and often complex stories. We take time to listen and understand before we offer our support
  • Responsive – we adapt to changes in policy and the law so that our advice and support is as helpful as it can be
  • Practical - our advice and support helps people to solve urgent challenges
  • Enabling - we help people to develop their skills and knowledge so that they're equipped to solve their own problems and join in fully with life in their communities
  • Client-focused – Our priorities are determined by the real needs of the people we serve
  • Collaborative - we work with anyone who shares our vision or helps make change happen for people and their communities
  • Non-judgemental - we focus on giving the right advice rather than judging the people who need it