More about us

Where Advising Communities comes from

Advising Communities was born from the legacy of Community Matters which wound down on 31st March 2016 due to a mounting pensions deficit that was beyond the control of the management team.

Advising London stepped in to safeguard the essential services that Community Matters provided under a new brand name - Advising Communities. This was not a take-over or a merger and no money changed hands.

A core team of Associates, who previously worked for Community Matters, has been working with Advising London to help maintain as many as possible of the most popular and essential services that they provided before Community Matters closed at the end of March 2016.

As a gesture of goodwill Advising London committed to offering the email advice service and free information sheets for members for a three month interim period after Community Matters closed. This period also allowed us to communicate with members and customers to help us understand which products and services are needed and appreciated most.

Any members’ constitutional rights ceased with the closure of Community Matters and from 1st July all previous members will need to sign up as new subscribers to Advising Communities under the published scale of charges.  

How we try to work

Collaborative - We put collaboration and partnership at the heart of everything we do. We work with other local and national support and membership bodies to provide legal and technical services that are hard to find elsewhere.

Focused - We provide niche and targeted services which aim to fulfil specific urgent needs as a direct response to the closure of Community Matters and other specialist community development bodies.

High quality - All of our services and resources are delivered and produced by expert community consultants, advisors and lawyers

Value for money - We offer our services at the lowest sustainable price point possible because many organisations would not be able to access these essential services otherwise

Responsive - We build our services from the grassroots up to ensure that we are constantly responding to local need